Adventures in the Oregon Desert!

16 05 2012

I just got back from an awesome weekend in Bend, Oregon. Bend is a majestic ski/bike/river town in southern central Oregon. We went for a mountain race and found so much more!

The Cascade Chainbreaker XC mountain bike race was hot and tough, but I lucked out with a 2nd place finish in my category. Sarah S. flatted unfortunately after one lap, but I don’t think she was too upset about it. I felt like puking for nearly an hour after the race…thank goodness for a quick soak in the Deschutes River afterward!

Here’s a dorky picture on the podium, courtesy of Sarah Tingey:


Tingey also captured my finish…..Thor, maybe those handle bars are too wide?


In addition to the race, Sarah S. and I got to get check out good friend Hunter’s blacksmith shop on the east side of Bend:


What a sweet shop…..he makes incredible art and functional pieces. Hunter even tinkers with motorcycles….sparks fly!


Oh yes, and Tobias in the corner making some beautiful arm art…why not!


Don’t worry, we’re going back as soon as possible. Oh and Mom, no I didn’t get a tatoo, YET!



Garden Box Project

1 05 2012

Last Saturday, Sarah S, our new friend/neighbor Sarah T., and I trucked over to the Mt. Scott Fuel Co. for some grade A, 4-way planting soil.

After breaking our backs to load a “yard” of soil into Sarah S’ pick-up, we headed back for the real adventure: building two perfectly awesome 7′ X 3′ garden boxes!

The empty space in our backyard was plain and boring, but we got working to change that!


I guided SS and ST from a distance when the big power tools came out

but they came through with all 20 fingers and 20 toes in tact.

Special thanks to the neighborhood Tool Library for making the scary, huge saw possible!

Open Saturdays and Tuesdays ONLY, duh!

I got into the action with the drill and ST and I swiftly together one frame and then the other.

The finished project ain’t too shabby. More photos to come of the hearty summer harvest!


Hood River Rovers

18 04 2012

Another sweet weekend ride in Hood River, Oregon.

My pup Cooper is a champ!


28 03 2012

The Landscape i Love features Ladd’s Addition, my new neighborhood in Portland, Oregon! “The Addition” is a wacky little section of Southeast Portland. Sarah and I love our spot, and for sure, I could write an entire blog about this quadrangle!

Cyclocross Photos 2011

27 03 2012

Throughout the 2011 cyclocross season, various wonderful people either took these photos or sent them my way.

Thanks for making showing off possible….for my parents of course!

I couldn't pass this one up, Sarah Sturdy RIDING through 6-inch deep sand...I ran this section like a baby!

Spring has SPRUNG

25 03 2012

March started out with the Echo Red to Red x-country mountain bike race, first of the season. I got to ride my sweet new Specialized Epic 29er courtesy of West End Bikes in Portland, OR!

Here is Sarah testing out the trails in Echo, Oregon……winery land makes for some good riding!

Happy Spring everyone.


Hello world!

19 03 2012

Welcome to my new blog!

With a master’s degree almost on the books and Spring in the air, I’m feeling ready for a fresh start. This blog is a step in that direction!

I have been admiring blogs for some time (,,, among others) and I figure, why can’t I do that?!

Here’s a go at it!

Thanks for viewing,